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Every Wednesday (almost) David Tate will post his thoughts on a verse or two to help you more deeply embrace the implications of what God says in the Bible.  We hope you find these mid-week thoughts encouraging.

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Manor Sermons Online


Did you know that you can listen to Manor Sermons online?  If you miss a Sunday or just want to hear a sermon again you can do so by using our sermon player!  Here is how to go about accessing the sermon player.

  1. Look at the top of the screen you are on right now, see the Media tab? Hover over the word Media and you will see a drop down menu.
  2. Click on Sermons Online……..good job!  This will open the page that contains the sermon player.
  3. Once you see the sermon player (lower left of the page), you can choose a sermon from the list or to hear the most recent sermon, simply hit the play button(little circle with a sideways triangle on it)

You can also access the sermon player by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!


Manor PCA 5-Year Vision

On April 15, 2012 Pastor David Tate Presented a plan prayerfully authored and adopted by the Session of Manor Presbyterian Church for how the congregation will grow through missionary service, worship, outreach, discipleship and sacrifice over the next five years.

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Click here for a Video Update on Missionary Discipleship in our Children's Ministry at Manor

Click here for a video update on how "The Story" is contributing to Missionary Discipleship at Manor

Click here to find out about Missionary Service at The Parkesburg Point


Click here to find out more about Missionary Discipleship through Manor Small Groups



Click Here for a Video Update on Missionary Outreach at Manor

Below, you will find a summary of the vision, as well as a transcript from the sermon on April 15, and a link to the sermon audio.


Authored by the Session of Manor PCA

Pastor David E. Tate – April 15, 2012

Pastor David E. Tate – Search April 15, 2012


Each week this spring, one elder described one aspect of our 5-Year Vision for Manor Presbyterian Church.  Below, you will find the transcript for each vision point.  Audio is also available via the Sermon download Page.

By David Viehman – April 22, 2012

By Bruce Hartshorne – April 29, 2012

By John Paxson – May 6, 2012

By David Viehman – May 13, 2012

By Nate Wilks – May 20, 2012