This Week to Sunday September 23, 2018:
  • Thursday…Small Groups evening
  • Sunday…we look forward to Worship Services starting at 9:30 AM…followed by Coffee & Fellowship

Save-the-Date:October 6…Youth Bowling, Oxford Timber Lanes, 4-6 pm
October 20…Harvest Party, pm
November 10…8th Annual Chili Cook-Off, pm

…from the desk of Pastor Daniel Henderson,
The Farewell Discourse (John 13-17) has been called the “Holy of Holies” of the New Testament. These chapters are well known and much loved. In his last hours on earth, Jesus turned away from the crowds and turned toward his disciples. While the cross drew near, Jesus chose to pour himself into his people out of his eternal love for them. In his final moments, Jesus served, instructed, and prayed for his disciples. And in so doing, Jesus gives us eternal truths and essential practices that we must embrace as we commit together to our God-given mandate to make disciples. I look forward to taking this journey together!
  • “September 9…“He Loved Them to the End” John 13:1
  • September 16…“Cleansed by Christ” John 13:2-12
  • September 23…“The Blessed Life” John 13:12-27
  • September 30…“Apostasy, Denial, and Glorification” John 13:18-38