Jesus’ Example

Joyfully serving God by serving others is vital to our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus set an example of service when he picked up a towel and washed the disciples’  feet. When he finished, he told the disciples (us!) to go and do the same.

Get in the Game

Service, or ministry, is not just for “trained professionals”. At a sporting event, there are players on the field, and spectators on the sidelines. Among disciples of Jesus, there are no spectators, only players. Everyone is a valuable team member, and can “get in the game” and play his or her part.

Use Your Gifts

Each of us has been given gifts with which to serve others. When you receive a gift, what’s the first thing you do? You open it! And if the gift-giver knows you well, it will be something you love and can’t wait to use. God’s gifts are like that: each one specially chosen, and just what we can use.