Honduras Mission Trip

Our short-term mission trips to La Ceiba Honduras are great opportunities to serve God…by serving alongside the Pettengills and the Clows. La Ceiba is where we stay during our visit. This is the third largest city in Honduras with a population of 150,000. We work with several full time missionaries who have a well-established ministry to the people of Armenia Bonito, which is a small village just outside of La Ceiba.

Some background information about Honduras:Second highest poverty rate in the Western Hemisphere.One third of the population is illiterateMost people attend public school until the 6th grade.Two thirds of the population live in povertyAverage income is equivalent to $1,030 per year.Over 70% of the birth certificates issued in 2009 had only the mother’s name listed

During this week we are likely to be involved in several construction projects at a community center in Armenia Bonito. This community center (when completed) will provide a school, a medical clinic, a church and a soccer field. The school will provide a high school education for up to 50 children, and the medical clinic will be operated several days a week for this community; both free of charge.

In addition to the construction project, the team helps with other community-based events. This includes teaching the kids English as a second language, helping with a Kids Club (a weekly social event that involves both parents and their kids), and a medical clinic.