Redemptive Historical Reading Plan

I've mentioned that I'm going to use the Redemptive Historical Reading Plan in January.  This is different from other plans in a number of ways. First, instead of having to read 4 chapters / day to get through the 1,189 chapters of the Bible, one reads 200 chapters in total. This allows...

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Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. In the United States, it’s a major national holiday known as Independence Day. With fireworks and picnics, we celebrate overthrowing the king of England several hundred years ago and gaining our freedom and independence as a nation. I enjoy celebrating Independence Day, but the...

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Why I Love Easter So Much

I love Easter Sunday. I love the celebratory music we sing at church. I love the passages of Scripture we read during worship. Most of all, I love the visual image of the Empty Tomb. In one culminating and specific moment in history, Jesus Christ summarizes and finalizes the salvation...

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Manor Church

How to Talk About Sin in a Postmodern Age

By Tim Keller When I first began reading through the Bible I looked for some unifying themes. I concluded that there are many, and that if we make one theme the theme (such as “covenant” or “kingdom”), we run the danger of reductionism. However, one of the main ways to read the Bible...

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Praying for Our Children

The March issue of Table Talk Magazine is devoted to prayer.  In this brief article by Burk Parsons, we can find much needed encouragement for the hard work of  praying for our children. From Burk Parsons Prayer for our children comes naturally when we understand that God has created us...

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Manor Presbyterian Church sin

Sin Is Cosmic Treason

As we’ve been studying the book of Jonah together on Sunday mornings, I’ve been reminded of both the wideness of God’s mercy as well as the seriousness of our sin. In this article written by R.C. Sproul, he reminds us that the culture’s view of sin is not the Biblical...

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